Thinking about Food Stamps?

Hey folks, Things are going astoundingly well these days, I’m still working out the kinks in getting my book up and out into the world, as well as writing part-time for Death and Taxes magazine, and also kickin’ it as an Art Instructor for Manhattan public schools. But just cause I’m busy don’t mean I […]

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The Calm Within the Storm

Howdy, folks, Any time a hurricane is seen from space, there is this hole in the middle of it where nothing seems to be happening. This is the “eye” of the storm, and if you were within it, you’d be surrounded by lopsided trees, downed power lines and walls of gray sky for 360 degrees. […]

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Starving Artist Radio February Edition

Starving Artist Radio February Edition(Right click ‘save as’) This episode features music from Harpeth Rising, Twin Shadow‘s remix of Mr Little Jeans song “Twins in the Attic,” Daniel Christian, and George Street. Johnny discusses “The L Magazine’s” 25 Cheap Things to Do in NYC,” the February Short Story Contest, and other odds and ends.

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