Sunday’s Guests

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing two great artists that are featured on today’s podcast. The first is Leah T., whose artwork can be found at Sean Kenealy rode shotgun on this interview, and his music can be found on Itunes by looking up thebignothing (as one word). The second interview was with […]

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Starving Artist Podcast Ep. 6

This is the Sixth Podcast. Each one is getting better and better. This one is a distillation of all of the money tricks I’ve come up with in the past two years. There are a couple others that I didn’t get to, but you’ll get the basic gist of the thing. Keep on keepin’ on, […]

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Starving Artist Podcast Ep. 5

Hey everyone, you can download the fifth podcast by right-clicking ‘save as’ here. Or you can get it every week automatically by clicking ‘subscribe here’ to the right!Johnny Talks about the Music IndustryThis episode is dedicated to the Music industry and where it is going…3:00 Johnny brings up Pearl Jams new Cd due out in […]

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Set the Artist Free…

The Tao of the Dude “If I was just gonna say one thing to y’all tonight, I’d say “set the artist free.” I’m talking about the artist in here, set it free. I’m saying “Quit your day job.” –Tenacious D The Starving Artist Word of advice–Don’t quit your day job. When it comes to doing […]

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