S.A.G. Podcasts

Episode 23

In this episode, Johnny lists off the top ten free things to do in New York City for the remainder of the summer. He also does an interview with singer songwriter Alan Semerdjian about his new album “The Big Beauty”. He also talks about the new NPR Sampler of Jazz and Folk @ the Newport Festival 2009. With music by Sterling Pierce, Rod Washburn and Alan Semerdjian.

Episode 24

Episode 25

Episode 26

Majick of Alchemy Concert Series with Laura Meyer. This is a great live performance that I recorded with professional soothsayer Laura Meyer (No matter what you call her, don’t call her a “singer-songwriter.” She took out her congas and did her song and dance at an undisclosed paramilitary hanger in Manhattan for the Starving Artists Guide in preparation for her upcoming Album “Miles from Nowhere”, available now. While cameras weren’t allowed because of certain black-ops shit, we certainly managed to have a good time. Check it out, because she’s going on tour and might play a show near you soon! The best way to describe her music is to compare it to a girly Conor Oberst mixed in with a hint of Lisa Hannigan and a dash of Robert Zimmerman. Check it out!

Episode 27

Space–The Final Frontier. What does it mean to be a 21st century artist? In this episode, Johnny looks at new media in what might be the most helpful podcast he’s done. Featuring music by Alex Yacovelli, Laura Meyer, Alan Semerdjian and Johnny Sanford. Check it out!

Starving Artist Radio Episodes: Began Late Fall, 2009

Featuring higher quality bitrate and a local music focus, Starving Artist Radio is a great way to introduce yourself to brand new music from today’s best underground acts, including every genre you can think of!

Starving Artist Radio, Ep. 1

Starving Artist Radio, Ep. 2

In this episode, Johnny plays tracks from Josh Weinstein, Matthew Barber, Jacqueline Francis, and Zion Judah, and some CMJ darlings. He also dips his toes in the SwineFlu craze.

Starving Artist Radio Ep. 3

This episode showcases musicians Erin Hill, Matt Simons, De Vries, Brash and Adriano Aponte

Starving Artist Radio–Fork the Mainstream Awards!

In this episode, Johnny hands out the 2009 Fork the Mainstream Awards, which is dedicated to artists who challenge the mainstream and have an outstanding body of work.

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