S.A.G. Podcasts

Episode 12

In this episode, Johnny discusses the book “The Long Tail,” by Chris Anderson. With music provided by the best of new indie artists, including Bowery Boy Blue, And The Revellers Fell, Going Gone, and Josh Weinstein. For more information about this podcast, visit http://www.starvingartistsguide.com

Episode 13

In this episode, Johnny talks about making it in the music industry. Episode includes music by Utica Greens, Murdakkh, Steve Northeast, and Anatural

Episode 14

Johnny interviews Matthew Barber about his new album Ghost Notes.

this podcast features music by matt simons, bruce lucy, mark bechtold and matthew barber

It also features the exclusive Starving Artists guide interview with Matthew regarding his

new album GHOST NOTES and his thoughts on the industry.

Topics also include play submission for International Brain Transplant committee, my open bar, zombie news article.

Episode 15

In this Episode, I feature music by Megaciph and Pastora, two excellent bands centered around NYC. I also interview Brooklyn musician Josh Weinstein.

Episode 16

Johnny talks about upcoming music festivals in NYC and a website that sells $8 prescription glasses and other awesome stuff you want to learn. With music by Jill Sobule, Lachi, Clinical Trials, Erin Hobson and Witches in Bikinis.

Episode 17

In this episode, Johnny talks about “Pizza By the Pound”, where you get $1 beers all day everyday, goes over the roster for Siren Music Festival 2009, and features music from Neil Nathan, Amleah and Brash. This episode features a ful length interview with screenplay writer Ethan Runco.

Episode 18

In this episode, Johnny interviews comedian/musician Kevin Prockup on the ins and outs of what it takes to be a comedy based Musician. Features an interview with Dead Prez and music by Americans UK, deVries, Nathan Brumley, Master of Con?usion. The best underground music scene since sliced bread.

Episode 19

In this episode, Johnny talks about “Starving Artist’s Guide Mixtape Vol. 1,” an article on how to reduce student loan repayment, the free audiobook “A User’s Manual to the Human Experience” by Michael Dean, and an interview on teaching English as a second language with Nick Snopkowski. With music by DeVries, Ian Bryn, and Drive In Saturday, Ends with a special live performance.

Episode 20

In this episode, Johnny discusses the contest winner for starvingartistsguide.com graphic design contest, the websites cafepress.com, vistaprint.com, overnightprints.com, and Recycle a Bicycle program run out of Brooklyn, NY. With music by Alex Yacovelli, Neil Nathan, Sharon Kenny and Pastora.

Episode 21

In this episode, Johnny talks to Neil Nathan about booking gigs and making it in the music industry. He also shares tips on easy ways to save money while vacationing. Including the best local music from the New York City area.

Episode 22

This episode features an excerpt from Broke Ass Stuart’s Guide to living Cheaply in NYC, great info on what to do if you don’t have cable tv but still want to watch tv shows and movies, as well as a Street Corner Spotlight on Union Square. With music from independent musicians Jim Bohn, Tam Lin, Randy Stern and Mark Berger.

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