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  • The most recent episode is here.
  • I did a “self-help” audio session called “Creativity Builder Blueprints,” which is aimed at bringing down writer’s block. It’s now freely available here.

Archives 2010:

Starving Artist Radio–January Edition

Check out the latest episode of Starving Artist Radio, with Johnny giving tips on writing a “query letter” to get the attention of bigwigs, some info on bandcamp.com, which is a great resource for musicians that want to get their music heard. Featuring music by Gumshen, Mini Boone, Me, Gerry Wall, Paulina Logan and an interview with comedy musician extraordinaire Kevin Prockup and his latest, greatest single.

Starving Artist Radio–February Edition

This episode features music from Harpeth Rising, Twin Shadow’s remix of Mr Little Jeans song “Twins in the Attic,” Daniel Christian, and George Street.
Johnny discusses “The L Magazine’s” 25 Cheap Things to Do in NYC,” the February Short Story Contest, and other odds and ends.

Archives 2009

Episode 1

Know where you want to be but don’t know how to get there? You’ve found the rabbit hole, Alice. Here you will find the ins and outs of how to get around New York City on the cheap. From free bars, to where to send your demo, to how to find an apartment without breaking the bank. This is where you need to be…

Episode 2

Johnny interviews Sean Kenealy about what it takes to be a musician/writer in NYC as well as tackles the idea of writer’s block and it’s remedies…

Episode 3

Manifesto, pt. 2

Episode 4

In this episode, Johnny discusses some local news as wells as conductis an interview with friend and comedian Matt Chipman. He goes over the basics for a comedian who moves to New York City. Johnny also tackles the notion of censorship and “selling out”.

Episode 5

Johnny Talks about the Music Industry This episode is dedicated to the Music industry and where it is going… Johnny brings up Pearl Jams’ new cd due out in Fall ’09. Johnny discusses Radiohead and their impact on the record industry and how to get into a dying business.

Episode 6

The Money Talks, Bullshit Rides the Train Edition. Find out simple ways to save money that you might not have thought of before.

Episode 7

Episode 8

Dedicated to making it as an Artist in NYC.

Episode 9

Dedicated to making it as a Graphic Designer in NYC

Episode 10

In this episode, Johnny talks to novelist and screenplay writer Sean Kenealy about the craft of writing. He also shares the basics of writing a query letter. With music from Jaydiohead, Asteroids Broke My Stereo, The Books and thebignothing

Episode 11

This episode features an essay about Search Engine Optimization, with music by Alex Mitchell, The Barely Scene, Josh Weinstein and Dave Sasscer and the Mojo Conga Band. More information about these bands can be found at http://www.starvingartistsguide.com

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