Deer Tick Interview for Death and Taxes Magazine

Laura Meyer Interview for Death and Taxes Magazine

Here are some quotes by some of the great artists that have been interviewed for

“Moving to New York City is your first step. Go to galleries, go to openings, find out where the talks are…once you absorb all that information, it begins to come out of you…if you’re thinking about moving here…be prepared to work really hard.”
Leah Tasha, Visual Artist

“Get so good that people can’t ignore you.”
(Paraphrased quote of Steve Martin)
Josh Weinstein, Singer-Songwriter

“Be ready to work. Be confident. Have your shit together. Be willing to do anything and sell yourself in any way possible…you need to be your best advocate. You need to be willing to talk to strangers. Have business cards made. I think people expect things to fall in their lap…don’t use it as an excuse if it’s hard. Use it to motivate yourself.”
Laura Worrick, Graphic Designer

“Get out of your own way. You are the only person that can get in your way. Yeah, there are gonna be road blocks that you’re gonna face because of people, but if you really want to do it, you’ll find a way. You yourself is the biggest obstacle…Nobody ever erected a statue to a critic. In the words of Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, ‘Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.”
Michelle Mantione, Dancer

“If you like doing it, theres a pretty good scene down here. You won’t get famous…but you’ll have a great time.”
Matt Chipman, Improv comedian

“Don’t practice—just play as many shows as you can. Get out of the house. See people. Don’t worry about fitting in anywhere. Don’t be afraid to do something great…and that includes falling on your face.”
Laura Meyer, Professional Gypsy

“Put your head down and grind it out…these days you have to be a workaholic. It’s not enough to be a good songwriter…be very clear about what you want and keep your eyes open.”
Neil Nathan, Singer-Songwriter

“Don’t think about how other people are going to help you…executives that manifest you to the top of the music charts [aren’t gonna be there]…make things happen for yourself. Be your own manager, be your own publicist, be your own booker. If you can do it yourself, there’s no reason to wait. Don’t wait! Make it happen, seize the moment! Imagine the world and see it happen. No one else is gonna do it for you.”
Alan Semerdjian, musician and poet

“When I was in college and even in high school, I was so bent up on the idea of “making it” that there was a cloud over my brain that sometimes I wasn’t even sure what I was making to “make it.” I feel like the purest work I’ve ever done, and the work I’ve been most proud of has come out of moments of clarity as opposed to moments of stress when I was worried about doing something with it…I feel like sometimes you have to not worry about the outcome and just worry about the moment…Realize that first moment and just try to hone it. Know that that’s why you’re doing it, and it’s not for anything else.”
Sean Kenealy, Musician, Playwrite, Novelist

My own advice in a nutshell is as follows: Never give up on yourself—You might be tempted to think of yourself as a tiny little fish in a very large pond. Fear not. You are not a little fish. You’re really a little bird. Once you realize that you’re a bird that’s underwater, you’ll come up to the top and fly around.

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