Free SXSW Music Sampler!

The folks over at NPR have hooked us up again–they just released the new SXSW Sampler for free via Itunes, with songs from Spoon, Surfer Blood, The Walkmen, and more! While I don’t have the scratch to head down to Austin this year, you can hit up the great show being put on by Death […]

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White. Then, more white. Then, an overweight, balding man in a striped cotton shirt with pit stains sitting behind a desk. His nameplate reads “Mr. L. Johnson.” A doughnut box on his desk is nearly empty. The room is plain, with many other cubicles side by side. Phones are ringing and people seem to be […]

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The New Look!

As everyone might realize, this is the new look of the website! It’s got some little tabby things so that you can check out what else is going on on different pages. I also spent about 2 hours archiving the podcasts I’ve done and they are under the “previous podcasts” tab. Hope you like it! […]

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Starving Artist Radio January Edition

Starving Artist Radio January Edition Check out the latest episode of Starving Artist Radio, with Johnny giving tips on writing a “query letter” to get the attention of bigwigs, some info on, which is a great resource for musicians that want to get their music heard. Featuring music by Gumshen, Mini Boone, Me, Gerry […]

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