An Introduction

Ten years ago, I got the wild idea to put together The Starving Artist’s Guide to New York City. Was I naive? Sure. Did I think it would be successful? Maybe. But was I passionate about it? Hell yes! Everyone that I met had to hear about it. To this day, it’s still one of […]

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Songs of 2010

So as you read this, websites like, Paste, Time Out New York, and The L Magazine are all coming out with “Best Albums of 2010” lists, but who has time (or money, really) to listen to whole albums these days? Where the money’s really at these days is in songs. So I’ve compiled a […]

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Five Ways to Inspire Yourself

Well, the autumn chill is in the air around Brooklyn, and I’ve been meaning to update for a long while, and finally have chance to do so. Life is good and creativity for me is at an all-time high; I’ve been working feverishly to get the Starving Artist’s Guide to NYC in bookstores for […]

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New Starving Artist Mixtape

Hey all, I put together a new starving artist mixtape in Itunes, which features some of the best new artists from NYC and beyond, many featured on previous podcasts, and some bands you might not have heard yet. I can’t get it to work on wordpress, so check it out here. Look forward to a […]

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