Some say that Seasonal Anxiety Disorder is one of the reasons that New York City folk are so angry all the time. Well, I tend to agree. It was during the doldrums of winter that I got the idea to make my own wine bottle lamp to give my room a boost in light and […]


The Calm Within the Storm

Howdy, folks, Any time a hurricane is seen from space, there is this hole in the middle of it where nothing seems to be happening. This is the “eye” of the storm, and if you were within it, you’d be surrounded by lopsided trees, downed power lines and walls of gray sky for 360 degrees. […]

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Acupuncture Happy Hour!

I recently got a gig writing for the great music/culture/etc magazine Death + Taxes. I’ve already written a few articles that are on the website if you take the time to mosey around on it. One of the interesting ones can be found HERE, and it’s a fairly savvy way to get acupuncture on a […]

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