New Album Drops Today!

Yeehaw! Last month saw the release of This Will Swallow You Whole, a book I wrote on philosophy, time and the evolution of consciousness. If you haven’t read it yet, take some time to read it! It only takes about a half hour from cover to cover, and the link above will bring you to […]

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The Songwriting Process

Hey folks, The dudes over at just opened up a forum to find out how songwriters do their diddy. They’re putting together a little Ebook to help out songwriters and here’s what I put as my answers. If you want to put in your two cents, go on over to 1.What does your […]

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Summer Update

Greetings from Brooklyn! The site has been slightly quiet these days, and for good reason. I’m currently working on a new album which should see the light of day this fall. I’m also developing another addition to the Starving Artist’s Guide Series, all while still trying to promote and market the first book which was […]

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Upcoming NYC (not Free) Shows!

*****Go See This Show: Converse Presents “Gone To Governors” Live Music Series Yeasayer Jun 5 The Beach @ Governors Island FREE SHOW*********** Also, Living Colour will be playing Summerstage at Central Park for Free, which is another great show if you don’t want to see Yeasayer. Check out the Summer Festival Roundup for more info […]

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The L Magazine Does It Again…

Hey folks, the dudes and dudettes over at The L Magazine did a great feature article on Do-It-Yourself Music making, and I’m gonna post it below for the posterity. It’s by Jeff Klingman, and it’s great advice on places to play, people to see and everything inbetween for newbies to the Brooklyn scene. The Brooklyn […]

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