Some say that Seasonal Anxiety Disorder is one of the reasons that New York City folk are so angry all the time. Well, I tend to agree. It was during the doldrums of winter that I got the idea to make my own wine bottle lamp to give my room a boost in light and […]


The Audio Book

Hey dudes and dudettes, Just about to relax and watch the 2 hour doc on John Lennon over at pbs.org and I wanted to give another little thing to the world. So at 11/11/11 at 11:11pm, I officially release the This Will Swallow You Whole Audio Book, read by yours truly. I think it’s pretty […]

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Drawing America By Bike

Howdy folks, Hope everyone’s had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Just wanted to do a quick post about a good friend that is doing something pretty extraordinary with his artistic talent. His name is Eric, and this past September, he set off on an adventure to ride his bike around America and draw it. His website is […]

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The Songwriting Process

Hey folks, The dudes over at cdbaby.com just opened up a forum to find out how songwriters do their diddy. They’re putting together a little Ebook to help out songwriters and here’s what I put as my answers. If you want to put in your two cents, go on over to cdbaby.com 1.What does your […]

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