About Me

My name’s Johnny Sanford, and I’m the creator of this site as well as a contributor for Death and Taxes Magazine. I moved down to New York City three years ago in a fit of passion in order to pursue writing and playing music. Along the way, I’ve met some incredible artists, musicians and comedians, and figured I should write a book about it.
When I’m not playing shows around the city or writing for this/D+T, I teach recycled sculpture, comicbook making, scrapbooking and woodworking to kids around the city. One of the projects I plan on beginning soon will be “The Starving Artist’s Guide to Dollar Store Crafts” because most of the work I do involves really, really cheap materials.
I also plan on writing and recording a new album this fall and playing some shows in support of it.
You can check out johnnysanford.com in order to hear some of my music.