What is the Brooklyn Monster Co.?? Brooklyn Monster Co. is the name I gave to the hobby I have: Felted monster making. I began in 2013 felting creatures using 100% Wool after seeing it done at The New York ComicCon. I promptly bought the book “Wool Buddies,” but found that I had more fun not following the rules but rather using the medium to explore and create. After creating numerous mini-monsters, I promptly handed them out as christmas and birthday presents to friends and family. I was then coaxed into creating an Etsy account, which can be found here, and am now dedicating the page that you are reading now. I decided that accepting regular USD would be great, but after reading copious articles about Bitcoin (BTC), I wanted to give that a shot as well. I strongly believe in De-centralized currency as a possible way to level the playing field with the 1%. so here is a gallery of some of the Monsters I’ve made, as well as some hats that I co-created with a silent partner. Each hat is 80% Acrylic (not itchy!) 20% Wool (Still really warm!) and is 100% handmade, original, and cool to boot. All items should be spot-washed only. Never washed in the washer. Hope you dig! Click on the link below each image to be directed to a Bitcoin Checkout page. Thanks! Baby Bird NerdPay With Bitcoin

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