Songs of 2010

So as you read this, websites like, Paste, Time Out New York, and The L Magazine are all coming out with “Best Albums of 2010” lists, but who has time (or money, really) to listen to whole albums these days? Where the money’s really at these days is in songs. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite songs for 2010. Enjoy!

10. Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach-Gorillaz

Say what you want, but this album grows on ya. The other notable track off this album is “Stylo,” featuring Mos Def.

9. Red Wine Mistakes Mythology-Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson cemented his badassness in a SNL skit a couple months ago when he beats up that wiseass Andy Samberg, but this track is the true gem off of To the Sea.

8. This Too Shall Pass-Ok GO

Probably the coolest music video, ever. But the actual music is pretty catchy too.

7. Beautiful People-The Books

The Books new album “The Way Out” is not getting nearly the credit they’re due from the “Best of” lists this year, so here’s the best track off it. Pretty awesome.

6. Generator, Second Floor-Freelance Whales

The saccharine taste that Freelance Whales’ album Weathervanes leaves in your mouth is like a peach on a warm summer day.