Good News, No News, and Things to Come

They say no news is good news, and in this case, it’s true.
I’ve been hard at work writing new book, which is stranger and more quixotic than I’d ever imagined. I’ve been reading a lotttt of metaphysical books, zen poetry and the like, and it’s turned this new work into some hybrid zen verse/philosophy beast. The main theme, I suppose, is how in the natural world, everything is either eaten or eating. How do we come to terms with this? No mouse is ever particularly worried about being eaten, nor any snake worried about being eaten by some white snow owl. And thus it continues. Nothing ever really is extinguished, but the mouse becomes part of the snake, which then becomes part of the owl, which humans then trade on the black market because of Harry Potter movies.
But I digress.
In other news, I’m still working hard on my more “practical” 2011 Addendum to the Starving Artist’s Guide, which will be free for anyone with a computer and a “right click to download” button on January 1st, 2011. No excuses!
It’ll be about 30-40 pages and I’m having a good old time writing it and checking out new stuff in the city!
The first edition Starving Artist’s Guide book is officially available at Barnes and Noble Union Square! I went there last night and in fact saw it on the 1st level…
To help me out, why not write a peachy review of it here or here?
There’s always that handy-dandy copy and paste button if you’re feeling like it…

And finally, last but not least, I’ve released a few free downloads for anyone who is up for listening to a few songs off of my soon-to-be released full length album, Holograms.
You can check the songs out here.

So that’s my infomercial for today, I promise things will begin to heat up on the site soon enough, with new podcasts and the like when I wind down and finish these things. For anyone who is looking for more traditional starving artist fare, check out the “SAG Podcasts” tab and take a listen to some of the previous episodes! Alot of hard work and great artists came in and did them!
For now, peace!