Where Should I get [Insert name of your creative project]’s Marketing Stuff Made?

If you’re like me, you’re constantly trying to hustle people outta their hard earned paycheck to support what you love to do. Kinda like that new show on HBO called How to Make it In America. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out cause it’s pretty awesome. It’s about these two guys in NYC who are constantly trying to outsmart the man, from hawking fake leather jackets on the street to creating their own line of jeans. Who knew a show that is somewhat about fashion could be so good? Check out the pilot episode here. Anywho, I’ve gotten my promo stuff done exclusively through Vistaprint for the past year and I’ve been pretty happy with their products…To make a long story short, you can get 500 postcards made for about $40 with shipping and tax included by going here. This is a great deal as opposed to the $90 they charge you on Uprint.com. They also make decent shirts and I’ve gotten some other stuff from them as well. Whatever you do though, don’t use Vistaprint for getting stickers made. For my recommendation on where to get stickers made, check out The Starving Artist’s Guide to New York City on lulu.com. You can download it for free or buy it for $15 for a hard copy here.
Oh, and they also will send you personalized business cards for free!

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