The Calm Within the Storm

Howdy, folks,
Any time a hurricane is seen from space, there is this hole in the middle of it where nothing seems to be happening. This is the “eye” of the storm, and if you were within it, you’d be surrounded by lopsided trees, downed power lines and walls of gray sky for 360 degrees. But if you were to look up, it would be a bright, sun shiny day. This is where I am right now.

My life has been quite the life thus far. I’ve followed my dream, I’ve opened my third eye, and right now I feel the sun beating down upon my face as I look at the wreckage all around me. I’ve been writing for Death and Taxes Magazine, something that I actually day-dreamed about in writing classes at Siena College back before I ever thought it possible. I’ve finally gotten a draft of the Starving Artist’s Guide to New York City that I can safely say is free of glaring errors, and I’m working comfortably as an after-school art instructor around the city. Things are good. But things are also fairly quiet. Almost too quiet. I got a few things this week in the mail, and that was awesome. All of them are guided by the Starving Artist code. They were cheap, awesome, and completely necessary. The first is a pair of new Pumas, which you can check out here for $20. You can’t get a better pair of shoes, and these are the dino-mite. The second awesome item was a pair of perscription glasses for $9 from anti-glare and shipping it came to a cool $20. These are, safe to say, one of the greatest investments I’ve made in a long while, and sure enough you should get a pair and save at least a cool hundred dollar bill. The third item I got was this incredible reverb petal for my guitar which you can get here for $20. That’ll save you another hundred if you were to buy a Boss pedal, and it sounds just as good!

I’ll be coming back with another album really soon, which is what I’ve been working on instead of this here site, but I’ll keep on posting stuff when I get a chance and make sure you keep up with the articles I’ve been doing for D+T!!!! I’ll keep my end of the bargain and keep updating this site as much as possible, but the day isn’t getting any longer. I love all y’all for stickin’ around to see what’s been happenin’. If you want to show me the love, the Short Story Contest ends in 8 days, so make sure you send it to my email at starvingartistsguideatgmaildotcom.
Let’s keep this storm moving.
Put on your goggles cause the rain’s about to hit.

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