February Short Story Contest

Must be otherwise unpublished material
Must be under 5,000 words
Must be original
Must be received before midnight March 1st, 2010 by email submission to starvingartistsguide((@))gmail.com

(It’s in parentheses so I don’t get spam. Just do the regular AT sign.

Prizes include:
1st prize
1 lb of premium coffee
Tix to see Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra 3/19 at the Manhattan School of Music
handmade journal
2nd prize
$15 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble
3rd Prize
Copy of the Starving Artists’ Guide, autographed

The stories will be posted online to be viewed by our online community, and a poll will be taken to bring the total submissions down to 3, which will then be judged by members of the International Brain Transplant Committee, and myself. There are no rules on what you can and can’t write about.
There is no censorship, except for author names upon request
Don’t Be afraid to submit your work! You retain full rights of your story. We are just silly people who want to share a good story

To start it off, I’m gonna get us in the short story writing mood by posting one of my own short stories from a while back.

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