Seasons Greetings from the S.A.G.!

As I sit here next to a gently crackling wood fire, I realize that this site has been all but dead for the past few weeks. Not to worry, fine friends. There is a heartbeat. The Starving Artist’s Guide is merely hibernating…gaining strength for the coming year, which will prove to be a watershed year by no stretch of the imagination. Plenty of ideas have been perculating and an upcoming podcast is in the works-have no fear. On this momentous “Blue-Moon New Year,” I promise to come back with a fire and passion that has yet to be seen from this little site. This includes fresh interviews, new tips and tricks, how-to videos, live show recordings and the freshest new music from the underground artists that make this site so unique.
I hope everyone has had an incredible Holiday season, I know I have, and thanks for sticking around and seeing what this idea is all about. Without you, the people, this wouldn’t be worth the pixels it was written on.
Stay tuned.

much love, and a happy new years!

Johnny S.

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