The First Annual “Fork The Mainstream” Awards

This winter brings the end of the first year that Starving Artist’s Guide has been up-and-running. We’ve heard some great music, some hilarious comedy and seen some awesome artwork, and even heard from a writer or two. The Forkies are an award that is coveted for it’s ability to be an award and a snack simultaneously. An actual forky happens to be a golden fork with a Ramen Noodle base. It’s given to artists that value substance over mainstream vapidness. Despite the fact that this year is the first ever for the S.A.G., the competition is intense. Users can vote online by spamming me for winners at StarvingArtistsGuide ((AT SIGN)) GMAIL (DOT) com. I have to spell it out like that so that no one can actually spam me. Click the link to hear/see their stuff.

And the nominees for the 2009 Fork the Mainstream Award are…

Best Singer Songwriter, Male

Jim Bohn for “Shelter From the Storm”

Alex Yacovelli for “Just Peachy”

Josh Weinstein for “Tennessee”

Alan Semerdjian for “Can’t Wait”

Best Singer-Songwriter, Female

Lachi for “Slow Down”

Rachel Lee Walsh with “Please Come To Brooklyn”

Laura Meyer with “The Ocean”

Erin Hobson with “Too Late”

Best Comedy Act

Kevin Prockup with “The Wine Song”

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