Dropped the Ball and Picked it Up Again

Hey folks,
I dropped the ball today–I didn’t get around to recording a podcast. Tsk, Tsk, I know. However, I did end up getting around to making the new book (ebook, at least) FREE on lulu.com by clicking this link. “What the hell are you thinking, Johnny?!” you might ask yourself. I will tell you what I’m thinking, Holmes, and that is that the more people to read it, the bigger and wilder things will become in my life. So why the heck not make it free?! It’s not like I’ve not had money before–IF you want to support me and buy it, it’s available here in good old-fashioned thinly- sliced tree-guts with jet-black ink pressed in very different patterns that coalesce into “letters” that form “words” that form “sentences” that form “paragraphs” that complete my “book,” which is then decoded by your brain to tell you a pretty sweet story of my life in New York City. You can check that out here for $13.99. I should get my copy in the mail tomorrow! Send me an email to starvingartistsguide@gmail.com with what you think of it!

I’ll try to have a podcast up tomorrow at some point.

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