The Corporations Have Won

So perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but both the Yankees and Bloomberg have triumphed this week. Thus proving that money can buy a “win.” Today I found out that the new stadium cost $1,500,000,000 US to complete. That’s 1.5 bbillion dollars.
Bloomberg spent a total of over $250,000,000 to clamp down on his 3rd term.
Meanwhile, 39,000 people are physically homeless in New York City. The streets are riddled with potholes, the subways are falling apart, and the working poor still don’t have health care.
I guess it’s partly been this information, but also the fact that I’ve been exhausted from writing the book that I haven’t managed to post much here.
That being said, I’m more fulfilled now than I’ve ever felt in my life. (Funny, right?) I guess in some strange way, having such monumental corporations to fight give us all some reason to wake up every morning. I just got my bike from Long Island on Sunday. It’s beautiful. I’ve spent the last days fixing it up and it rides like a dream. I’m gonna take it down to the park for a cruise later.
I think that once people start buying the book, you’ll realize how much money you can save just by changing a few random things in your life. It’s pretty sweet. Everyone I’ve talked to has mentioned how much less spending money they have these days, so if you’re in the same situation you might wanna check it out by clicking the link to the left. I ordered a copy for myself and I plan on printing a couple out if it’s easier for you to get it from me. I swear I’m not gonna mention it too much anymore. I’m planning on recording a new podcast this weekend and getting this site a little more frequently updated.
In music news, Bowery Boy Blue just released a new EP, which rocks and I suggest picking it up on Itunes. With their permission, I might do a sneak peak of some of the tracks on the upcoming podcast. Also, Laura Meyer is heading back for a show in New York City on November 8th before heading back on the road for the third leg of her U.S. Tour. Her new album is getting rave reviews and if you’ve heard her exclusive S.A.G performance (ep. 24), you already know how flippin’ good she is.
I also am working on releasing a free acoustic album sometime within the coming weeks available exclusively via It’s called “Aloha From Brooklyn, or: Songs for People who like songs” and will have a lot of never before heard B-sides as well as songs off of my PERMUTATIONS ep, available on Itunes. Again, I have a little mp3 for people who sign up for the email list called “The Creativity Builder Blueprints” that will increase your ability to get through bouts of writers block. Sign up for the email list and I’ll send it to you free of charge!

Well, that’s about all the writing I can do on this wonderful Thursday morning. Keep your ears peeled for the Sunday podcast!

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