A&R discussion

Starving Artist Podcast Special EditionAlright folks, So I slipped away for a four day vacation/writing intensive in order to finish up the book this weekend. So while I won’t be able to put up a cast this Sunday, you can take a listen to the “special edition” which is actually the cdbaby podcast dedicated to […]

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One Humdinger of a deal.

As I write this post, a large cumulus cloud is floating lazily past my window. I just tried a sip of my newest homebrew, entitled “Silverback Stout” to see if it’s ready to bottle. It is. This is some serious magical alchemy, folks. I threw in a bar of dark Belgian Chocolate, and I’m planning […]

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Starving Artist Radio

Starving Artist Radio Check it out! I’m a bit under the weather thanks to dealing with 5 year olds every day (or as I call them, booger factories), so this is Johnny Lite on this episode of Starving Artist Radio. Check out some great tunes by Adriano Aponte, Erin Hill, Brash, Matt Simons and De […]

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F#ck this Recession!

The other day, I got to go check out Michael Moore’s new film, Capitalism: A Love Story at the Angelika on West Houston Street. He went over the fact that 1% of the population has more wealth than the bottom 95% of people combined. Holy shit.This is a movie that everyone with or without a […]

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