The Voice Of the Voiceless

The debate on health care has been raging on for decades, and it seems like it’s reaching a peak these days. I even touch on this topic in The Starving Artist’s Guide to New York City, available Oct. 31st, 2009 at Can you get cheap health care in New York City? In short, Yes we can.
Though I don’t know all of the ins and outs of the current plan being passed by Congress, I do know that health care should be one of the rights we have as tax paying citizens. Even the pigs and cows you eat for dinner get free antibiotics, so why shouldn’t I?

For everyone that doesn’t have health insurance–listen to this NPR clip…it seemed to speak to exactly the situation that I face as a “starving artist.”

When you’re done with that, take some action by clicking this link. This website, has the motto “working for the radical notion of fairness.” The link above is a way to contact your senator and your house representative. With enough people clogging their inboxes, the message will be heard. Take the power back.

Another great thing about freelancer’s union is that they offer healthcare. Word.

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