One Humdinger of a deal.

As I write this post, a large cumulus cloud is floating lazily past my window. I just tried a sip of my newest homebrew, entitled “Silverback Stout” to see if it’s ready to bottle. It is. This is some serious magical alchemy, folks. I threw in a bar of dark Belgian Chocolate, and I’m planning to add some gorilla coffee to pull it to the next level. I designed the label for it today as well.
In other news, I am pushing hard to finish up the book, and I am editing a copy of it right now so that I can get it out on my Halloween Deadline. I’ve added a tremendous amount of resources, and I let a co-worker read it for about half an hour yesterday. Her response– “I wish I could pay you just for reading this! It’s fire. It’s absolute fire.
High praise for someone who just got to read, like, a short bit of it. But nonetheless, I hope it comes out and everyone gets a copy. I’ll certainly be promoting it some more in the coming weeks with different tidbits of information. The website has been fairly quiet for a few weeks due to sheer dedication to getting this book done. I have to say, if you follow just a few of my tips in this book, you’ll save yourself hundreds (if not even thousands) of dollars a year. But the proof is in the pudding. You’ll see the goods come Oct. 31st.
I ended up getting my round trip tickets for Thanksgiving and Christmas back up to Albany last night. A normal bus-ticket is about $33- For Christmas, I’m making the round trip(that’s right, home and back) for a grand total of $2.50. That’s in peak holiday transit, with a normal schedule(ie. I’m not getting into Albany at 4:30 on Christmas Morning) How am I doing it? Read the book to find out!

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