The Big Lebowski–Some People Just don’t Get it.

That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

I am one of those guys, you know the ones, that say “dude” a lot. I think I did this a long time before I actually saw “The Big Lebowski,”( which I hated the first time) but now that I’ve seen the movie over 10 times, I say it a lot. A lot. I’ve even come to calling the kids that I work with in my after-school “dudes” and “dudettes.” Unprofessional? Hardly. It’s such a great name for someone who’s name you can’t remember. I work at four schools with over 50 kids at each school, so it’s really kinda hard not to call them all “dude.” But it got me thinking–aside from the word “dude,” Lebowski is one of the movies I quote the most. And over the years, he’s become a sort-of personal hero for this dude. But why? So many people don’t get the movie, or any of the quotes, and refuse to see it as funny. I thought it sucked when I first saw it in 12th grade. But like that rash the dude has, this movie gets under your skin. The second time you watch it, it starts to make sense. The third time, and you’re kinda wishing you had a white russian. And the fourth time, you’re throwing a Lebowski-themed party, white-russian in hand. And it doesn’t get old. The next time you throw your Lebowski Party, you’re at a bowling lane. And then–you’re dress as the dude’s rug for the next one. So you suddenly become one of the people that know the inside jokes, and you pity those poor souls on the outside. For those of you haters that think it’s just a garbage movie, or for all those lovers that can’t get enough of the movie, check out this philosophical arguments for the tenants of the movie. Trust me, dude. There’s a lot of ins and outs to this movie.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The analysis comes from a dude named Rob Ager, and you can read some more of his stuff on the web at

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