The Good, the Bad, and the Most Definitely Ugggggly

It’s been a watershed weekend for this guy.
The Good:
Friday night marked the opening night for the second annual Craft Beer Week of New York City. The situation is as follows: you get the “passport,” which is a little book that has about 80 different bars in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. You bring your little booky to all of the bars within the booky, and they check off 1 of 3 craft beers on their page and give you the pint for $2. It’s awesome. We started at “Rattle and Hum,” when to “Resto,” “The Ginger Man”, and the Waterfront Ale House. Then I met up with my friend Kev and his girlyfriend and we went to meet up with our other friend, Brandon, who was in town to see some peeps.
The Bad:
Since I was documenting the journey through Craft Beer Week, I brought along my trusty video camera to take pics and vids alike. Alas, after leaving another bar called “rebar,” I got back to my place, the night before my Brooklyn Birthday Bash without said videocamera. A major blow to my psyche and wallet alike. And no pictures either! This day turned back to “good” when I had a great party that was flooded with the three homebrews that I created this past summer–the Cape Cod Cranberry, the Bill Hicks Wit Beir, and the Wild Thing Hefeweissen.

The weekend turned particularly “ugly” the next night, when I was suppooosed to cap my birthday weekend off with the biggest bang of my life–a free concert by one of the best rock bands in the world–MUSE. I got a sluggish start the next morning after my party, had incredible bagels at 5-star on 86th and 4th, and wished my friends a safe journey home at around 12. I came back to my apartment and promptly passed out. I woke up around 2, which was exactly when I had told myself that I would get in line to go see muse play for the VMAs that day. However, I decided that it was too early and I suddenly had the urge to record a podcast. I took out the equipment, set up a spontaneous interview and went to town…It was just like the Sundays I have always known and loved. It was around 5 when I got off my chair and decided to head in to NYC to wait in line. I thought this would be fine.
We got to the theater and a huge line had already formed that was a solid block long. We waited. And waited. And waited. At around 8, I was halfway to the door. They had overbooked guests to ensure a packed house. We got about 10 feet from the door when they stopped letting people in. It was almost 4 hours of waiting. For Nada. Zilch. Zero.

It was a despicable evening.
I came home and went to sleep.


But, that being said, I still managed to have a good time. Sometimes, shit happens.

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