Finally Learned How to Read? Check this out!!

Alright folks,
I’m back in the bat cave I call home in Brooklyn, New Yawk. I’ve been resting and gaining strength for the upcoming release of The Starving Artist’s Guide to New York City. I’m pumping in some incredible manhours to get this thing out to y’all with a Oct. 31st deadline. I’m a man of my word, and this should be about 120 pages of pure New York City Thrifty shizzzle. I’m gonna hit you with the places to go, the things to do, the places to shop, and the entertainment that is practically bursting from the seams of this damn place. It’ll be helpful for anyone who is on a budget and likes good times, good folks, and good beers. There will be several sections exclusively for musicians, artists, comedians, and the like which will tell you exactly where to go, what to do, and how to do it in order to start getting your name out to people around this town. I’ve picked the brains of some great starving artists in order to get this information, interviewing dozens of artists, musicians, and comedians to let you all know exactly what’s what here. My aim is to not only cure the illness that is commercial television, but also to enlighten the “would-be” artists that don’t necessarily have the confidence or the know how to get their art to the world. Imagine if John Lennon just didn’t know where to start playing open-mics, so he became a spot welder instead! So this is 2 1/2 years of solid research into the New York City scene. Come October 31st, you can have it shipped directly to your nest.
In other news, the Brooklyn Book Festival is scheduled to happen this Sunday, September 13th at Borrough Hall(Public Transportation: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall; R to Court Street; A, C, F to Jay Street/Borough Hall). This is a must for any literate person in the know about the great writers that come out of Brooklyn, and it happens to be free. This year, the roster of speakers and moderators is incredible. Some of the big names include:
Jonathan Ames, Paul Auster, Russell Banks, David Cross(!),Edwidge Danticat, Amy Goodman, Lev Grossman(still gotta read The Magicians), Jonathan Lethem, Oliver Sacks, and about 100 other awesome but unrecognizable names. Anyone who’s a literophile like me should be chomping at the bit to see such a great amalgam of writers in the same hall. For more information on this FREE festival, check out
If you’re bored this Friday and want to check out some hot sh*t, check out friend of the site Alan Semerdjian play a free show in Washington Square Park @ 3:30pm. He’s playing acoustic and he’s got some great talent.
If you wanna check him out on Sunday, too, he’s playing the Boog City Festival at Unnameable Books. Here’s the doo-

Boog City Festival – 1:00pm
600 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11238-3803
USA 718-789-1534

Check back later for my full review of MegaBus, a company that runs buses all across the eastern seaboard for rediculously cheap fares.


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