Transplants–Tiny Plays by the International BTC

Matt Chipman as homeless man in this weekend’s “Folk Talkin'” a short play by writer Ernesto Rodriguez, featured in “Transplants: Tiny Plays”

I hope everyone has had a most excellent weekend. The podcast is in post production and I should have it up in a few hours. I got to talk to Matt Chipman about his role in a few plays in this weekend’s Transplants, which was a great mix of 12 one-act plays produced and written by the International BTC, which features the minds of Sean Kenealy, Jeff Belanger, and Amanda Sage-Comerford. I got to go see the thing and it was quite impressive. Stand-out roles included John Warren as “Ron MacDonald” in Mr. Belanger’s “Mr. MacDonald has Wings of Fire”, as well as Tim Torres’ off the wall antics as Maurice in “Salad Days.”
As I get to see more and more of the plays that the International BTC comes up with, it’s certain that they are growing in both creativity, scope and all-around quality. The writing seems to flow inbetween the three pillars of the group like water in a babbling stream. All three seem to ramble in and out of each other’s path and in the end it comes together as a single cohesive thought. Every stream reaches the ocean, and they build off of each other in intensity. I got the chance to film about half of the performance, (my video memory ran out!) and unfortunately for this audience some of the greatest acts came at the end. My camera cut out in the middle of “Afternoon Delight,” a piece directed by the wonderful Helena Gleissner, with another wonderfully spastic performance by Tim Torres (He once told me after a few drinks that one of his main influences in acting is Ren from Ren and Stimpy) But since it really anticipates the rest of the footage I got, below is an embedded youtube clip of this performance. I apologize for my wobbly camera work; I did it while drinking a 24oz of German Dunkelweisse. I’ll be posting the rest of the clips this week and finally unleashing the comedic genius of this rag-tag group of performers upon the world!

“Afternoon Delight” Clip

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