Alan Semerdjian Interview!

Greetings loyal readers!
it’s been loathsomely hot down here in the nitty gritty city. Luckily I got to hit up the Jacob Riis National Park for some relaxing on the beach yesterday. I’d recommend getting to the beach before the end of the summer. My apologies for not getting a podcast out on Sunday, I was sitting phoneless and alone on the border of NY/NJ at a train station for most of the day. When I got back home to beautiful Brooklyn, I was too tired to do anything. Plus, I’ve been sick for the last ten or so days. So it goes. A nice day at the beach definitely upped my Vitamin D intake, so I should be fine as soon as I get all the boogers outta my lungs.

In other news, I’m excited to say that I did a great interview with singer/songwriter Alan Semerdjian this afternoon. The full interview will be featured on this Sunday’s podcast. I asked him some pretty good questions about how he’s gone about starting a tour, as well as discussed his new album, The Big Beauty. Just a heads up, but the album is lush folk rock americana beauty. The man knows what he’s doin’. Best of luck to him.

Last but not least, this weekend marks the 11th annual Del Close Marathon over at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. For those of you who are not in on this, put on your jammies and go see 3 full days of improv genious at UCB for $25. It’s worth it. Here’s the info off their page:

The UCB Theatre proudly presents the 11th Annual Del Close Marathon.

This year’s marathon starts Friday, August 14th at 4:30pm and runs continuously on four stages until Sunday evening, August 16th.

All shows are at the UCB Theatre, The Hudson Guild (441 West 26th Street), Urban Stages (259 West 30th Street), and FIT (Seventh Avenue at 27th Street).

Passes for the marathon are available for purchase at the UCB Theatre and the other stages during the marathon.

Passes are $25 and provide access to all shows based on seat availability. Guaranteed admission to special prime-time shows at FIT is also available for $12 per show.

Find the official schedule and more information at the official site of DCM11:

And to show my graditude to the dude who introduced UCB to me, check out this video of Matt Chipman in his full glory on a skit he did with UCB king Zack Woods. Matt is the one with the beard.

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