It was a dark and stormy night…

….and I sat on my computer trying my new homebrew “Lime in the Coconaut.” Yes, coconaut like “astronaut.” why? no idea. The lightning flashes have been pretty close and I’m kinda terrified to go close to the windows. Something that I’ve always been worried about is getting struck by lightning. The brew is just great though. Right now, I’m fermenting my next batch as we speak. Its a Wit beer, so I want to name it after either a famous comedian or philosopher. Any ideas? Send them to Both will be served at my upcoming party that is scheduled for some time in either late august or early September. I’m gonna be throwing this shindig at my place all day on a Saturday with my homebrews and some tasty miller high lifes. Last year I went bowling for my b-day, dude-style and it was an awesome time. This year I think I wanna go skinny dipping in Coney Island late late night. Any takers?

This summer is absolutely flying by! I’ve been having such a great time, and look forward to the fall. I am currently working out the kinks of getting a job as a touring cartoonist for my employer. It should be awesome! Nothing pays the bills like cartooning. I’ve also decided as a part time gig I will make $10 six racks for people. If you want one, email me at, just let me know what kind and when you need it by. It takes approximately 2 weeks to be ready. Oh, and you must be 21 years young. If you are adventurous and have the time on your hands, go to to get a starter kit and launch your own home brewery. However, I got that style and pinasche that you want; nay, need.

I also just picked up Broke-ass Stuart’s Guide to New York, which is going to become mandatory reading for anyone looking to make it on a budget in NYC. It’s great info, and is also hilarious to boot. Check it out on Amazon for pretty cheap.

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