Back with a Vengence

This is just a quick update for those loyal followers…

I meant to do this a while ago but here’s a kudos to Neil Nathan and the show he put on at Highline Ballroom two Fridays ago–He rocked the joint and had some incredible talent supporting him. He’s got some music coming out on the Californication Season Two Soundtrack, which can be purchased here. He rocked particularly well on his track “California Run” and the acoustic cover of ELO’s “Do Ya”, which is featured on the Starving Artist’s Podcast, Episode 18. His latest effort, entitled “The Nearest Future” is on Itunes here. His live sound and backing band is tight as a polarbear’s behind and I’ll let everyone know when his next Pirate Vinyl Show will be. Check out more of his music at

Also, a great performance by Alan Semerdjian. His music mixed folk and rock like a sweet sweet long island iced tea on a warm summer’s eve. For my fellow upstaters, he’s playing the Moon and River Cafe in Schenectady, (ska-neck-ta-dee) NY this Friday @ 7pm! He reaaally rocked my boat with the song “Can’t Wait.” “When there was something wrong with you” was also a killer track. You can check out all his music on his website at You can buy his music here on itunes or a physical copy at The sound is full with the added violin and flute live… Check out “Can’t Wait” below.

In other news, I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback with the site and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. I’ve added a few more items in the cafepress store and you can check them out here. Thanks to Meagan and Laura for making such great designs. You both rock! All of the profits go directly into funding promotional support for the site. I’ve also begun work on the ebook that I will be debuting in late September, entitled “How to live like a Rockstar on Minimum Wage.” More info to come.

Also, I tried my new homebrew, tenativly titled “Lime in the Coconaut” and it is fantastic. I will be serving it in Coconut half-shells at my birthday bash/S.A.G. extravaganza in late August/early September. Tickets are limited, so please RSVP @ for more information. There will be live music, free give-aways, and a dj.

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