David Byrne Harolds in the Apocalypse

Alright, so David Byrne didn’t really harold in the apocalypse. I could barely even hear him over the 20,000 fans that crowded into Prospect Park last night at around 8 pm to see the old man do some new (and old) tricks. No longer playing under the moniker Talking Heads, probably because of some dispute with one of the musicians in the band that wished he was David Byrne, David Byrne now goes strictly by David Byrne. And that’s alright by me. He did pull from a lot of the Talking Heads catalogue, including my favorite off of their debut album “FEAR OF MUSIC”–Heaven. They also played the classics, notably, “Psycho Killer”, “Once in a Lifetime” and the title track off his most recent album “Everything that Happens Happens today.” It felt incredible to see that such an eccentric act could take center stage in front of such a huge crowd.
The sound equipment reached far and wide, and I felt great to be out drinking a Heine in Prospect Park on a nice cool June evening. And the price was right too. It was free. Kicking off the CELEBRATE BROOKLYN 2009 Season, Byrne was the right man for the gig. The artists will continue to be rockin’, and you can get a full list of upcoming acts here. Since they are all free, it’s a good reason to meet up with old friends and disconnect your brain from the LCD screen in front of you.

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