Strange Indeed…

Though I aim to keep this art/music oriented, I can’t but help notice that there is a cultural blindspot occurring with humanity. And since it is loosely catagorized as art, I thought I would put up a post on “crop circles.” Now, I’m no expert, and I am open to the possibility that these might be made by any number of things, extra-terrestrial or based inscrutibly on terrafirma, but the complexity that these “circles” have been reaching as of late is undeniable. You can go on any number of websites, like or to check some of the most recent ones out. I don’t really get into the conjecture about what they represent, although I do listen intently to the people who do conjecture (as a good human being should). However, it just simply amazes me that such short-lived masterpieces exist in the first place. Why anyone, human being or otherwise, would take the time out of their day to do, say, this—

–Is beyond me. Most people can’t get themselves off of the couch between breaks of American Idol to get another beer. The sheer immensity of the projects, which can range over a thousand feet and are done in mere hours, is staggering. Frankly, I don’t think as a race we are that motivated. So is it the stars? Is it some little green men from mars that are perpetrating such glorious works of wonder? I have no idea. My only idea is to get more people to look at them so that we could get to some kind of conversation. As it stands, they are dusted underneath the proverbial rug; a sideshow –it’s not important. Go back to watching HBO (if you can afford it) The people who actually think about these things are idiotic, naive, and most of all–stupid for thinking about such trivial matters. Well when the mothership lands and everyone says, “WTF?!” They’ll just say, “Didn’t you get the message on the machine? I’ve been telling you for 40 years that I was comin’.”
And us nutcases will just laugh.
Either way, this is definitely some good art to take a gander at.

To become more of a nutcase, visit one of these sites and witness the crops day to day over the 2009 “Season.”

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