Matthew Barber’s “Ghost Notes” An Album to Be Reckoned With–A Full Review by Starving Artists Guide.

Troubadours unite with the release of Matthew Barber’s new album Ghost Notes. According to his own website, Barber put’s his musical influences right out in the open, stating

Ghost Notes is my first record in two-and-a-half years, and it marks somewhat of a turn away from making rock records, and towards embracing more folk, country and bluegrass influences on my singing and songwriting…it dabbles with traditional elements in the way The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dylan, Neil Young, Springsteen, Petty, Van Morrison and the Band..

My favorite track off the record is “Settle My Accounts with You,” which starts like a cowboy ragtime and turns to folk brilliance. Check out a live performance of this song below.

All in all, His new disc is heartfelt and sincere, with all the soul that you could ask for. Especially interesting is the fact that he produced the cd himself. Impressive considering the cd was nominated for a Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) in 2009, for best “roots/traditional” music. Once you take a listen to “Settle My Accounts With You,” you’ll understand why. The song is an ode to getting over whatever might ail you, and it’s the catchiest tune the album offers. Ghost Notes has an incredibly tight first half and songs like “Easily Bruised,” and “And you Give” will certainly spin gold for this young folkster.
Somewhere along the line the cd begins to wander off the path of guarded optimism towards darkness. While the focus seems to shift at around the halfway point, nowhere along the line does it seem like Mr. Barber isn’t being honest and true to his own self. Check out his website at and download his album via this Itunes Link.

Standout tracks are “Easily Bruised,” “And You Give” and “Settle My Accounts With You.”

Matthew Barber is playing the following dates:

May 12 Living Room NYC (tonight!)
May 13 Union Hall NYC with Jill Sobule(Tommorrow night!)
May 14 Milltown Carrboro, NC
May 15 Farm 255 Athens, GA
May 16 Criminal Records Atlanta, GA (5:30 PM)

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