Chillin & Grillin

It’s no surprise to those that know me that I love a good vacation. Who doesn’t? I got the opportunity to have the full week off to vacation in my reclusive upstate home, affectionately called “Moosehead Manor” (In other words, I’ve been mooching off my parents for the week.) I’ve spent much of my Easter vacation collecting ticks on my body in the deep woods behind my parents house, intruding on the local stream goddess’ hidden lair. After working out some psychic miscalculations, I was able to get a significant amount of “work” done at my leisure, including sending out some resumes of my own to begin work at different magazines around the city. I also got a case of beer making supplies, gratis of course, from my Uncle, which I plan to begin work on forthwith. As I write this, I am also basking in the cool heat of the gaseous cloud known as solaris on the family sundeck.
Some of the more interesting things I’ve done this week include:
Getting fattened up, presumably for my own roasting, on Easter Day.
Partying in Albany with my high school friends
Getting a pair of kickass Pumas, courtesy of Chase Manhattan Credit Inc.
Going to the Book Barn in Loudonville, buying an old book on the Rosicruxian Order entitled “Self Mastery and Fate”, “the Knack of Using the Subconscious” (1954), Contact and Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and a recent book on the Unified Field.
Bought a Salt-Lamp mined in the Himalayan Mountains that claims to have healing properties, most notably due to the release of Negative Ions(?) Tried it last night and it seemed to work, oddly enough!
Anyways, I figured that since these days my posts have been mainly regarding music and the arts that you culture vultures needed some old fashioned goss to keep your hearts palpitating.
peace love

ps read the music review below to get informed of a great new artist named ASA!

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