Incredible PR Advice

(This is the face of my PR-guru, Brett. It was my 21st B-day and we were a bit tipsy.)

I sometimes feel like that magician who gives away all the tricks. He’s a dick, I know. He takes something magical and turns it into sometime that anyone with $10,000, a fake audience and a tame elephant can do. But telling innocent artists how to get around the system to become a new system has been around a long time. I’m not alone in this effort. This special lady, Ariel Hyatt, has been doing it for years now. Reading the articles linked below is the first step for a band (or any artist for that matter) starting their own PR campaign and getting their first step towards that door to put a damn foot into. She knows what she is doing, Trust me. For $1500 dollars you can put her in charge of your “cyber pr campaign” but what is the fun in that? I say, read these articles and for under a hundred dollars, a can-F’in-do attitude and some elbow grease (keep those elbows lubricated) you can do the same damn thing. The key to all publicity–network. Or find someone to network for you for free(like Brett on his better days.) But check out her articles here. And don’t forget to download my newest podcast! its a doozy.

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