Another drop in the bucket.

today i was struck with a serious blow to my ego and pocket book. the story is as follows. i was at circuit city marveling at how our capitalist ship is sinking when i found a little 1GB RAM drive sitting for sale. thinking to myself, “that’s exactly what i need!” because my computer has been giving me problems as of late, i picked the sumbitch up and brought it to the cash register. i was excited because it was 70% off and i hurried home to install it into my computer. i took of the back latches on my laptop and pulled out my measely 256MB ram drive and pushed the new sucker in. flipping my computer over gently, i pushed the on button. BEEP BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. was its only response. Black screen. It was the death rattle. Somehow i knew that she was dead. Having only gotten my internet back last week, I was devastated. The library is a great place to sit and chill, but it is in no means a fulltime solution to my computing needs. So I am urging you to donate to the Johnny Needs to Pay for a new Computer fund. If you like these podcasts and the news I bring, don’t hesitate to donate through Paypal below. It’s safe and secure. Think to yourself, “what would the dude do?” oh yeah, the fifth podcast is up as well. hope you enjoy it!

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