Moneyy, it’s a crime.

So the next podcast I’m going to be doing is gonna be devoted to the topic of MONEYYYY. Everyone needs it, but not everyone has it. Yesterday I was talking about the value of a dollar, so I wanna do a list of everything you can get for One single U.S. Dollar. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Oh and thanks to the singers, rappers, artists that checked out my post on craigslist to be showcased on my podcast! There was a very large response and I’m working on getting through and taking a listen to everyone. Subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the box to the right if you wanna take a listen to see if you’re included in a future episode. Also, thanks to my friend Chris, who told me he would love it if I added an episode index for future shows, which I will be doing from now on. Keep your suggestions coming! Oh and here’s a link that my roommate gave me for the $1 essay–it’s about a couple that lived on $1 in food a day for an entire month. Check it out here

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