Back 2 the !@$$@#$ Library

So the internet dude didnt show up, once again. Alas. He won’t be coming until next wednesday. Frankly i’m getting tired of going to the library every time i wanna check out my email. I put up my 3rd podcast yesterday so hopefully people have had the time to check it out. I swear once I get my internet back they will come on time at regular weekly intervals. that goes for the tip of the week, which i will try to change now. I recorded Episode 5 yesterday on the Music Industry and today I picked up some reference material for a future podcast on starving film directors. I wanna make a plea to all the starving artists out there that want to showcase their music on my show to email me at
With that said, enjoy the third podcast! Oh and if you wanna see me and Sean K. @ Pianos, we’re gonna be playing there tommarow night @ 8pm!

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