Publishing Your Podcast on the Internet For Free

The process of getting a podcast should be very simple, but there is not a lot of help as there should be, and many times it is misdirecting. This will be a videocast as soon as I get around to it to show exactly what I’m saying. But for now, just follow these simple instructions.
Step 1: First, you need to record something in MP3 format either on your computer or on a secondary device like a digital 8track. This is the only “cost” for the entire setup of your podcast.
Step 2. Upload podcast to our media or the Internet Archive. I would recommend Our Media because it gives you an embeddable player when you’re done. There is a intuitive program (Free!) called spin xpress that you should download to upload to Our Media.
Step 3. Create a Blog that you can post links to your podcast. You can do this from, which is what I use, or I tried using WordPress but it is kind of difficult to use if you don’t know much about HTML coding. I recommend using Blogger.
Step 4. Now you need to create a “Feed.” so that people can subscribe to your podcast. This I found somewhat difficult to understand, but you can figure it out by creating a FeedBurner account at This is also a free service.
Step 5. Now you need to create a link to your Ourmedia uploaded file on a post.
Step 6. On Feedburner, type in the link to your blog in “Burn Feed.” It should recognize that you have posted a link to your new downloadable file.
Step 7. On Feedburner, Optimize your download for Itunes download.
Step 8. Open the Itunes Store and paste in Feed URL in “submit to Itunes Directory”
Step 9. On Feedburner, click link to “Chicklet Chooser” so that you can post a subscribe link on your blog for people to automatically download your most recent Podcast.
Step 10. Now that the feed is set up, all you need to do to get the next podcast available to your audience is to post a link to your next OurMedia file when you upload it. Viva La Revolution!
Believe it or not, this is the easiest and cheapest way to publish your Podcast. Though I have to use some internet jargon, it is somewhat easy to follow. It is DIY, and even with these simple directions, it might take a little while for the average internet user to put up a podcast. Though it proved a challenging task, I am glad I did it and I am hoping that you will give it a shot!

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