Johnny –1, InterWeb– 0

after a long, strenuous battle, I believe I finally have managed to set up my blog to be downloaded on Itunes. Altogether, the cost was free, but the battle was monumental. I worked at it for hours upon hours, and finally got it to go through to Itunes successfully. It’s not that the task is extremely difficult; nay. The problem lies in the fact that you need to do a very specific method in order to be successful. I will boil down this process in simple, DIY terms in a special Video-Podcast which I will post on this website for everyone to enjoy. I will discuss and go in detail about how to make your own blog, record your podcast and put it up for distribution. As far as this week’s podcast, it will be available on Tuesday this week because I forgot to bring my memory card home for the weekend. The videocast will go up shortly after that, as I will need my internet to be working to upload it. Thanks for everyone’s patience, I will be writing and posting a basic DIY podcast post sometime later today.

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