Another Day another Dollar..

So I’ve added a ‘donate’ button to the side scroll of this website. This is because I’ve been spending a lot of time and effort in putting this up for people, whoever that might be. It’s not required but it would be really awesome to be paid to do what I love to do. All money donated will quickly go directly into my “40’s for Artists Program.” Just kidding. It’ll go towards rent, probably. I’ve been thinking about the direction I want this to continue in, and I think that my major goal is to start up S.A.G Workshops that are taught to new transplants by comedians, artists, musicians in New York City. I think this is a fairly modest goal and should I recieve funding I would head in this direction. Classes would be small (5-10) and it would provide a net to fall into when getting to the city. If anyone has any other ideas, send them to

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