Writing Posts at Lightning speed

Again I’m at the library, what a great place. It comes with its negative side however, seeing as I got here on a wednesday at 1030am and every G__D___ computer is taken except for the “express” computer which you can only get on for a grand total of 15 minutes. However, anything is better than nothing and so I can’t complain too much. Usually a computer will open up. I was hoping to upload the second podcast but i may have to wait on it…from what i hear the public is quite eager to hear our mystery guest…the interview went great and i think every one will benefit.
On a side note, if you move to NYC and wanna get online, spring for DSL from Time Warner–Verizon sucks and I was on hold in India for about an hour 3 days in a row, only to get nothing accomplished. I called up TWC and they answered right away and it will be only $15 a month for an entire year for the basic package. Then again, check your WIFI for people you can piggyback off of for free to save some money. I think that might be illegal so i go the traditional route. Only problem is they’re taking forever to actually get back to me about hooking it up. Live and learn i suppose.
and have fun too. a computer just opened up!!!

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