Web Trouble and a Quick Post on the Library.

So a couple of things–my interweb has been down for the last couple days so I’ve been forced to use the libary to check my email and finish up an application to do a Teaching Fellowship. This prompted me to write a post on how great the library is for starving artists. Instead of buying books, why not just borrow them? it seems like common sense but most people don’t abide it.
Other news–the tips and tricks I employ on this website actually work! I’ve gotten a proposal from an A&R guy that works with Christina Aguilara(wierd, right?) who likes my jams and wants to shop my stuff around to major record labels! I’m going to eventually do a post so that musicians have a general knowledge base as to what to do when approached such as this…I really don’t exactly know what to do just yet. One of the downsides of using the internet at the library is that you are limited to a half hour on the computer. So I have 8 minutes left, but I have to do other things as well. So good luck, fellow starving artists, and make every day count!

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