The Starving Artist’s Guide Podcast

In an effort to bring this information to as many people as humanly possible, I am starting a weekly podcast that will be available free of charge through this blog. I know that a lot of people are busy during the day so getting the podcast would be an easy way to get the information here on their ipod or whatever device when heading to work. The format will be relaxed but informational. I will go over anything new I have to share, I will also bring in guests from time to time and play some awesome awesome music in the process. I will list off of relevant art/music related shows that are coming up within the week/month. The show will be roughly an hour in length and will be recorded every Sunday and available every Monday. I’ve already recorded my first one, and right now I’m working on how to publish the podcast to the internet. I will break it down in layman’s terms this week (provided I’m successful) for any starving artist who wants to do their own podcast! Viva La Revolution!

One thought on “The Starving Artist’s Guide Podcast

  1. A word of warning–creating your own podcast is easy but publishing it is obscenely difficult! Tomorrow I will give you the goods as to how to create your own podcast and get the web listening. Remember, you can learn from my mistakes!

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