The Village Voice Trick…

This post is dedicated to the musicians, comedians, bloggers, & entertainers who have a gig coming up/cd to promote. This is an easy way to get free advertising and is completely legal. This trick goes as follows. Pick a weekly publication that you feel the readership would enjoy your show/blog/cd etc. In my case it would be the independent alternative media source such as Village Voice or NY Press. For example, if you are a comedian with a cd on Itunes, pick The Onion. Both are free in all of New York City’s Burroughs and can be found on most busy corners. Put together an attractive flyer or postcard that gives all of the information a reader needs to go see your show, buy your cd, or read your blog. Most of these are published weekly, so set the calender on your phone to remind you when the newest batch of your publication comes out. Go down to the corner with the nearest free magazine stand and take 20 or 30 of them home with you. Place a flyer in each newspaper and stack them back up. NOTE: If your show is in somewhere say the Lower East Side, fill your backpack up with the newspapers and bring them right near where you are doing the show! Also remember that most people that live in Manhattan are bored and have a lot of money so they will be a good target market. Place the papers back in the newspaper booth inconspicuosly and leave the scene. Do this weekly and you will find a big big boost in your audience. Mom will be proud.

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